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A UW-IT Business Service Owner (BSO) reports to the UW-IT Vice President and CIO, and is accountable for the responsibilities listed below. S/he leads a team of Service Offering Owners who oversee, manage and deliver the Service Offerings within the Business Service.

Extended Definition:

Business Service Owners are accountable for the following aspects of the Service Offerings contained within their Business Service:

  • Contribute to and follow the UW-IT Strategic Investment Plan.

  • Align with UW-IT Enterprise Architecture standards.

  • Align with industry direction and standards.

  • Represent the Business Service to internal and external governance bodies and processes, including UW-IT Investment Planning and Project Management.

  • Rationalize the suite of Service Offerings within the Business Service.

  • Participate in rationalization of Service Offerings across the entire Service Portfolio.

  • Ensure that Service Offering Owners define & maintain operational metrics (e.g., performance, relevancy, satisfaction).

  • Ensure that Service Offering Owners address the following: service levels, security, availability, continuity, capacity, compliance, and accessibility.

  • Ensure that Service Offering Owners adhere to UW-IT IT Service Management processes as documented in process guides.

  • Ensure that Service Offering Owners leverage the Change Management process to add, change, or delete Service Offerings, which will include approvals, notifications, coordination with operational processes, and updating documentation.

  • Adhere to Financial Management processes for both investments and operations for all Service Elements (Service Offerings, Systems, and the “Managed Collection of Expenses”).

While the BSO is accountable for all of the above, discrete responsibilities may be delegated.



Term Owner/Steward:


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