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Join EA for a half day Capability Mapping Forum and Workshop - September 1, 2015; 9:30AM to 12:30PM in Odegaard Undergraduate Library. The goals for the day are to: build a shared understanding of capability mapping, discuss how you use them and to establish some standards.


Agenda :

    • Corporate Executive Board Presentation on Capability Mapping
    • Group Work: Lessons learned, why capability maps valuable, best practices
    • Capability Mapping here at UW - share your maps
    • Building the practice:  What should be standardized in our capability mapping

Date:  September 1, 2015

Time:  9:30AM to 12:30PM

Location:  OUGL ALC 136  

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Key Take-Aways

From the CEB Presentation:

  • The concept of finding the right altitude for the mapping - level of consideration
  • Framing conversations about outcomes
  • values vs. solutions
  • We know our services, but need more clarity on business capabilities 
    • How do we reconcile our services with the capabilities?
  • Segmented groups working on same capabilities
  • Importance of simple & clear language
  • Know who the customers are for the capability map
  • Leading from IT - identifying business capabilities not in the business
    • Making sure we (IT) don't assume we know the language
  • Decision making based on capabilities
    • least mature
    • innovate based on health of IT support for that capability

From Capabilities at UW:

  • Having different views of the capability map
  • Simple starting starting points
  • No one way.  There are a variety of processes to build a map
  • How do we aline the various efforts (of building capabilities) and language
  • How do we help the business do this work
  • Specific context - not too general
  • Get input, perspective from sponsors and partners
  • Ignite! session for capability mapping.  Share back how you use them.



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