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Summary(info) As capability maps become available from units at the UW, they may be added to this directory for general reference.

Informational (info) (what does this mean?)

Date reviewedNovember 2015
SourceEnterprise Architecture
Status(lightbulb) Current

A business capability, or simply a “capability,” defines what a business does. Capability maps show what a business unit or domain does, not how or by whom it is done. Participants in capability mapping workshops gain a shared understanding of what their business area needs to excel at, regardless of organizational boundaries and technologies. This helps architects, business analysts, and project teams prioritize capabilities for improvement.



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  1. The IAM Capability Map listed above is an outdated copy of the current document.

    Here's the current document:

    Feel free to remove the other one and place the current one in the "current" folder.