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The Enterprise Reference Architecture Process enables the University of Washington to establish reference architectures. Reference architectures are documents that guide decision-making to maximize architectural value within a defined scope. The process determines the scope, authority, and applicability of each reference architecture, guides its drafting and approval, and ensures its publication, use, and eventual retirement.

  • Process Owner: Jim Phelps
  • Process Manager: Piet Niederhausen

Process Documentation

See the following document:

Status of Reference Architectures

The following reference architectures are under development or recently published. Please contact the Process Manager (above) or the listed Lead Architect for more information.

The Status column indicates:

  • Proposed: EA or another Proposer is preparing a proposal for the Enterprise Architecture Board
  • Initiating: The Lead Architect is obtaining sponsorship for and planning development of the proposed reference architecture
  • Drafting: The reference architecture is being developed and reviewed
  • Current: The reference architecture has been published and is being applied
  • Retired: The reference architecture is no longer effective
TopicLead ArchitectStatusUpdate DateNotes/Links
Enterprise Integrations GuardrailRupert BerkProposed7/3/2019
Enterprise Reporting GuardrailJacob MorrisProposed7/3/2019
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