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ID: EAA-008

Title: Software should be sourced in a way that balances business value with IT efficiency




Sourcing decisions on whether to buy, build, rent, collaborate, or other should be made based both on perceived business value of that software functionality as well as the IT requirements to manage it.

Consider PACE layers as an architectural tool to help identify the appropriate choice.


Sometimes the options for appropriate application functionality and technology suitability are constrained, and there are no off-the-shelf products that enable the business most effectively execute its mission. Or there are no off-the-shelf products that easily integrate into the current ecosystem. For instance, the UW chose to build its own academic planning tool, MyPlan, for lack of suitable alternatives that enabled students to effectively plan their curriculum in this environment.

Similarly, the UW chose to procure a commodity HCM system, WorkDay, rather than building its own because it perceived that its own HCM needs were sufficiently common and did not differentiate it in terms of its mission.

The preference is to prefer buying whenever possible.



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