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The current Workday Guardrails Sponsors group consists of:

  • UW-IT: Aaron Powell, Anja Canfield-Budde, Jim Phelps

  • UW Finance: Ann Anderson

  • UW Finance Transformation (UWFT): Ed Loftus, Manoj Joshi, Paula Ross

  • Integrated Service Center (ISC): Nancy Jagger

  • Office of Research Information Services (ORIS): Jim Kresl

  • UW Medicine: Slayton Austria

Workday Guardrails Sponsors are asked to:

  • Provide or delegate input on the content of a Guardrail
  • Commit resources to participate in the Guardrails drafting process
  • Lend authority to the decisions the Guardrails contain
  • Champion the Guardrails to ensure implementation decisions are consistent with them

Meetings of the Workday Guardrails Sponsors started in 2020:

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