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The Workday Reference, Core, and Metadata Guardrails guide management of key Workday data on behalf of the UW and its availability for use in other systems.

Current Documents

Working Documents



Charged and reviewed by the Data Governance & Finance Transformation Task Force (part of UW Data Governance):

  • Christina Mercer
  • Erin Guthrie
  • Rachel Gatlin
  • Nancy Jagger
  • Richard Fenger
  • Paula Ross
  • Rupert Berk
  • Lisa Pascuzzi
  • Brett Simmons
  • Jeff Techico
  • Ann Nagel
  • Beth Britt
  • Doug Divine
  • Karen Matheson

Additional reviewers in UW-IT:

  • Anja Canfield-Budde
  • Rob McDade
  • Bart Pietrzak
  • John Mobley
  • Matt Portwood
  • Jim Phelps

Editor: Piet Niederhausen

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