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The Workday Reporting Guardrails guide decision-making about information delivery solutions (such as Workday and the UW’s data warehouses) and the design of data products (such as reports) related to the University of Washington’s Workday implementation.

Current Documents

View the most recent authorized version of the Workday Reporting Guardrails:

Working Documents

Access to working documents requires a UW NetID login.

View the list of issues that the working group is prioritizing for discussion and possible inclusion in future versions:

View and comment on the working group's current working draft. This version is not reviewed or approved and is subject to change:

Past materials for the working group include:


Editor: Piet Niederhausen

Working Group Contributors:

  • Don Wilcox
  • Beth Britt
  • Cindie Murphy
  • Bart Pietrzak
  • Matt Portwood
  • Karen Matheson
  • Rick Fenger


  • Erick Winger
  • Jim LaRoche
  • Christina Mercer
  • Rachel Gatlin
  • Jeff Techico
  • Jim Plihal
  • Matt Tuller
  • Karen Matheson
  • Arlene Murray
  • Doug Divine
  • Jeanne Marie Isola
  • Paul Schurr
  • Anthony Curreri
  • Aron Knapp
  • Jason Campbell
  • Kevin Williams
  • Nancy McDonald
  • Carson Simoes
  • Charlene Gilder

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