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The Workday Security Guardrails guide decision-making about security architecture, configuration, and processes related to Workday data, reporting, and integrations.

Current Documents

Working Documents

Access to working documents requires a UW NetID login.

View the list of issues that the working group is prioritizing for discussion and possible inclusion in future versions:

Past materials for the working group include:



  • Ed Loftus
  • Manoj Joshi
  • Paula Ross
  • Brett Simmons
  • Slayton Austria
  • Aaron Powell
  • Anja Canfield-Budde
  • Jim Phelps
  • Nancy Jagger
  • Jim Kresl
  • Ann Anderson

Editor: Rupert Berk

Working Group Contributors:

  • Arlene Murray, UWFT
  • Karen Matheson, ISC
  • Kevin Swank, UW Med
  • Diego Bartholomew, ORIS
  • John Mobley, UW-IT Data Platform
  • Alin Hunter, UW-IT ERP-I
  • Joey Viera-Gotay

Past Working Group Contributors:

  • Gwen Trentham, UWFT
  • Chris Houston, ISC


  • Buzz Kamm, UWFT
  • Paul Prestin, UW-IT EDI
  • Dawn Hemminger, UW-IT EDI
  • Steven Layman UW-IT EDI
  • Robert McDade, UW-IT EDI
  • Brent Holterman, UW-IT ERP-I
  • Joseph DeLeon, UWM
  • Mark Watkins, UWM
  • Michael Brogan, UW-IT IAM
  • Nathan Dors, UW-IT IAM
  • Anne Coogan-Gehr, UW-IT ERP-I
  • Alin Hunter, UW-IT ERP-I
  • Paul Schurr, UW Finance
  • Kjel Hanson - UW Med Enterprise Tech Services & Architecture

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