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eTech Status Reports

About eTech

Emerging Technology is part of UW Technology at the University of Washington.

Our belief is that creative use of information and communication technologies enriches the lives and intellectual activities of our university and helps drive the discovery of new knowledge in all its forms.

Our goal is to bring new technologies into service in furthering the activities of students, faculty, and staff. We focus on technologies that are just over the horizon and on the practical applications of those technologies in accomplishing the real tasks of people in the UW community.

To accomplish this goal we are engaged with a wide swath of people across the breadth of the UW. We are particularly interested in fostering the growth of the community of technology professionals and enthusiasts within the larger university community, as well as working with faculty, staff, and students to understand the trends and directions of technology usage within the institution.

We work in partnership with technologists both within and outside UW Technology, bringing partnerships of technologists and other community members to bear on specific problems and technologies.

Our work generally falls into four main broad areas:

  • Understanding New Technology - we serve as a gathering point for monitoring of new technology and evaluating the application of new technologies within the university. We work with people to discuss technology ideas, refine those ideas, test applicability, and help develop communities of common interests around specific technologies and applications. We are in communication with vendors, developers, and national and international technology communities to understand and help shape the evolution of technology that it may be applicable at the UW.
  • Taking the UW's Technology Pulse - we work to understand the missions and activities of the university and in what ways technology can be brought to bear on those activities. We gain this understanding by constant interaction with faculty, researchers, clinicians, graduate and undergraduate students, staff, and alumni. We are interested in the myriad novel applications of technology across the institution, and in helping to celebrate and expose those innovations to other members of our community and the world at large.
  • Planning - we work with others within the UW and inside UW Technology to develop strategies and roadmaps for the development and implementation of technology.
  • Instigating Projects - we work on specific projects that exemplify specific themes in the use of new or evolving technologies.

eTech staff include:

Oren Sreebny is Executive Director of Emerging Technology.

Tony Chang is our Senior Strategic Integration Architect.

Bill Corrigan is the Emerging Technology Project Manager.

RL 'Bob' Morgan is the Senior Technology Architect, working primarily in the area of distributed authentication and authorization.

The MyUW team, consisting of Greg Barnes, Leman Chung, Scott Heyano, Rita Johnson, and Fang Lin, is also part of Emerging Technology.

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