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Join us weekday mornings for mindfulness practice online

The Mindfulness at Work (M@W) CoP aims to explore how mindfulness practices can have a positive impact on our work. We meet regularly to cultivate our ability to step back, observe with intention, and skillfully navigate the workplace with more awareness and kindness. Join us as we explore how a regular practice of mindfulness can generate more vibrancy and sense of purpose in our daily work. 

The Case for Mindfulness in the Workplace (UNC white paper)

The M@W CoP has two components:

  1. Weekday meditation practice session online M-Th from 9:00 to 9:15 AM:
    On Fridays, we extend our time together to 9:30 for informal sharing after meditation.

    Our spring 2023 series is currently in progress and will continue through Friday, June 9. Come join us!

  2. Monthly events, which we are currently planning, and hope to begin in early 2023. Such events may include:

    • Virtual meetings with guest speakers

    • Opportunities for discussion about how mindfulness supports our lives in the workplace

    • Book discussions

    • Sharing a meal and practicing mindful eating

    • Breakout rooms where we can practice mindful speaking and listening

    • Somatic practices

Explore our wiki pages to learn more about M@W. We welcome your questions: 

You can also join our Mindfulness @Work Teams Channel

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  1. I can't open this Zoom meeting

    1. Sorry you had trouble. Thanks for letting us know. We've sent the link to your email address.