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These rules were adopted on 7/27/2015 via a unanimous vote of the 6 members present at the time. 

  1. Votes: Simple majority of members is required to approve/pass. Voting can happen in person or remotely over a specified period of time.
  2. Agenda and discussion session schedule is set by the Chair
    1. Any member can request a topic be moved up or pushed back on the schedule, subject to either
      1. concurrence by the Chair, or
      2. concurrence by membership subject to simple majority
  3. Topics/Issues
    1. May be referred from
      1. UW-IT Senior Leadership Team
      2. Director of EA
      3. Any SO/SM
      4. Any member
    2. Every topic/issue must
      1. have a brief (short briefing document) that identifies:
        1. the issue
        2. why it's relevant
        3. options/choices
        4. what approval is being requested
        5. Timeline required for decision
      2. have at least one discussion session
    3. Briefs are prepared by either the person referring the topic/issue to the Governance Team or are assigned by the Chair to a member to prepare.
  4. Decisions shall be recorded in the wiki, with a summary of any relevant discussion/reasoning.  Any member may add a consenting/dissenting statement.







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