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Azure Active Directory Governance Team

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Brian Arkills

SponsorBrad Greer, UWWI Service Owner

Goal Statement

Provide governance team guiding enterprise Azure Active Directory design and implementation

Short Description

The span of capabilities that Azure AD (AAD) provides is broad and intersects with the capabilities provided by other services. The implications of AAD design choices has broad potential impact on dependent and parallel services. This team will explore, evaluate, and define proposed design, serving a governance role for Azure Active Directory. It will not administrate or have any other operational responsibilities.



Time Reporting644-0001 UWWI Operations


Technical Objectives:

  • Create AAD reference architectural elements, e.g. diagram, roadmap, brick
  • Develop best practices & document use cases

Operational Objectives:

  • Define decision making processes. Align with other strategic roadmaps.
  • Define scope of enterprise Azure AD, shepherd enterprise AAD tenants, and define managers and boundaries between instances, ensuring that each is fit for its potentially unique purpose
  • Identify major capabilities provided by AAD and their utility (fit for purpose); determine the inter-dependencies between capabilities (can one be used independent from others)
  • Ensure use of AAD capabilities meets appropriate business objectives and aligns with governance objectives
  • Support interim AAD application endorsement process as needed.
  • Develop communication & outreach plan
  • Run change management process


In Scope: Develop guidance & make organizational decisions that cross service boundaries.

Out of Scope: Implement decisions or publish customer facing information. These decisions/tasks will be implemented by the UWWI service and other services that currently have Azure AD.


  • Brian Arkills, Governance Team Lead, CI-IAM
  • Scott Norton, AS-ACA
  • Rupert Berk, SSS
  • Pieter Visser, IM-SPO or John Mobley, IM-DD
  • Jonathan Pass or Michael Brogan, CI-IAM
  • Shawn Drew, IM-DMS


  • Enterprise Architecture Program will provide additional guidance as necessary, and will be point of contact for raising strategic gaps this technology may fill
  • UWWI service, MSCA service and IAM program strategy teams may need to be consulted. Representation from all of these is included on this team, but additional consultation may be required.
  • Other subject matter experts will be consulted regarding business objectives that intersect with AAD capabilities.
  • New services or new service options for existing services may be identified
  • Microsoft is a strategic partner.
  • The desired capabilities of Azure AD may require capabilities that don't align with our ideal strategy.
  • AAD application approval process team is separate from the AAD governance team.


  • Must maintain existing capabilities to MSCA service or other services using Azure AD
  • Must adapt to rapidly changing technology that may not always be well-documented or understood



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