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v1.0, published 2/7/17

Strategy Statement: To bring an enterprise perspective to our services while ensuring their reliability.

Vision: Our vision is to add value to the university community and our direct customers through collaboration, consultation, trust and a shared sense of purpose.

  • Several business areas require commercial, of-the-shelf acquisitions. We need to support and provide guidance & best practices around these acquisitions / implementations / configurations
  • We need to increase the sophistication of vendor management practices as we move from build to buy
  • Increasing pace of change on business side requires us to have a tighter working relationships and clarification of responsibilities
  • Partners require more complex integrations among systems. This requires us to "up our game" in providing business processes, information management, and integrated consulting and services.


  • Support production deployment of T2 Parking application
  • Lead effort to establish Husky Card as an enterprise service
  • Design and execute MyChem application framework update
  • Develop cloud strategy for MyChem, including development and deployment tools / patterns


  • Build more formalized relationships with business partners and our providers (within UW-IT and elsewhere in the UW)
  • Standardize offerings across customers (facilities services, transportation services, environmental health and safety).
  • Develop SoaPs for operational projects within these business domains


  • Develop plan to cross-train University Services team members in other areas to break down internal team silos
  • Prepare for staff turn-over and the opportunities this brings to move the team forward
  • Align team's development efforts and standards of practice with those of IM as a whole.
  • Manage and facilitate a cultural shift from departmental to enterprise practices. 
    • Standardize University Systems practices.
    • Standardize how we work with our underlying service providers.
    • Collaborate with our business partners and consult on the value of our services and how we can help simplify their business work flows.

Increase engagement and customer care by:

  • Developing SLAs with internal (UW-IT) service providers / partners
  • Write MOUs with business partners, including regular review / adjustment of terms as needed.
  • Most important: Team decision making/governance/communications in place (we're at the table with the right stakeholders).
  • More flexible ways/channels of communication are available to University Services within UW-IT to facilitate optimal service delivery & management.

We have a shared pipeline of established priorities:

  • Roadmap for services (medium & long term)
  • Governance structure for roadmap / priorities
  • UW-IT-sourced priorities, such as modern infrastructure and GR
  • Partner-sourced priorities, such as application renewal / replacement
  • Appropriate engagement with cloud offerings (SaaS, PaaS, etc.).

Business outcomes:

  • Business partners and customers get more value from early engagement with UW-IT on department initiated and managed projects
  • Reduce business risks of scope creep, budget exceedence, security, business continuity, robustness and scalability by working with UW-IT from project planning through release to production using enterprise architecture and standard best practices
  • Decreased redundancy of systems to reduce cost and increase ROI
  • Functionality and increased worker productivity rolled out to users more quickly (faster, better, cheaper).

Contributors:  Brent Holterman