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v.2.0, published 7/25/18

Strategy Statement: CSS’s Customer Support Management optimizes the delivery of support so that UW-IT uses organizational resources efficiently and provides a consistent experience for customers.

Vision: UW-IT delivers a reliable and positive experience to our customers.

The rapidly increasing volume and complexity of support requests for UW-IT services


Machine learning project 2 (FY19)

Routing process modification - deprecation of the dedicated router model (FY19)

Improved Knowledge Management (FY19)

Service Catalog Restructure (FY17)

NSO - COPS/NOC Restructure (FY18)

UW Connect records are routed with fewer dedicated staff hours, returning capacity to the ESD.

Increased efficiency and reduced cost for support provided by the ESD.

Increased support provided by ESD returns capacity to UW-IT units, as well as to UW units served by the ESD.

Defined and documented responsibilities and roles results in improved consistency of support provided and reduced number of incidents for services.

Customers expect to find clear and concise information about UW-IT’s services

Service Catalog Restructure (FY17)

Customers are able to:

  • Easily discover and acquire UW-IT services
  • Quickly find how-to and help information (improves self-service)
  • Determine service impacts before reporting incidents (saves time troubleshooting issues beyond the end-user’s control)
  • Track progress of their requests

Increased desire by decision makers to understand how peers pursue strategic initiatives and realize outcomesPeer Benchmarking (FY18)Useful information provided to decision makers on how UW compares with peers.

UW-IT BSOs receive actionable information about customers needs


CSS completes 1-2 customer journey maps per quarter in FY19.

ITSM Reporting Enhancements: Performance analytics (FY17–co-sponsored with Service Management)

CSI effort to improve UW Connect surveys (FY19–in collaboration with Service Management)

TAP survey, Jan 2019

Understanding customer needs and experiences helps UW-IT consistently deliver quality services and support.

Understanding changes in support volume allows better resource planning and proactive support.

Increased access to data allows all staff in UW-IT to monitor achievement of established response and/or resolution standards.

Greater access to high-quality data about customer experience to decision makers.

Contributors:  Karalee Woody, Felicia Watson, Damien Koemans