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v1.0, published February 9, 2017

Strategy Statement: Enterprise Document Management provides technical services and solutions for enterprise Document Management, Workflow Management, eSignatures, and Notifications.

Vision: UW employs technology to minimize the use of paper, store and retrieve documents securely, discover documents effectively, and work efficiently.


UW desire for environmental sustainability:

  • TAP, Provost's initiatives

  • Increasing volume of documents

  • Doing more with fewer resources

 (Current) Implement centralized eSignatures solution

  • Drive UW Electronic Signatures policy  
  • Integrate eSignatures & Enterprise Document Management System

UW has greater environmental sustainability and lower cost of operations due to centralized, standardized, automated processes

Increased need to manage risk:

  • Increasing complexity

  • Risks in records compliance

  • Reduced risk through automation

  • Risks from disaster

(Current & Ongoing) Partner w/ departments & IT groups to convert paper based business processes to automated, electronic processes

Easier for departments to comply with UW and legal policies

Information is in silos, isolated, hard to find (Future) Develop single, standardized, configurable solution product suite Departments can shift to / adopt new states & processes faster… improved response times
Need for better transparency into & interpretation of info & processes(Planned) Improve services based on UW needsStandardized business processes among departments leads to faster training; make flexible organizational structures faster / adoption of services
External environment is rapidly changing, greater competition, pressure for increased velocity & responsiveness

(Planned) Increase impact & adoption of EDM services

Departments can more easily share information & documents
Funding is decreasing in admin & academic departments(Current/Planned) Identify balance between providing services/products & providing a platform  

Contributors: Cassy Beekman (Business Service Owner), Jade McDaniels (Service Manager), Mike Laux, Erin Page, James Renfro