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Upcoming Events

Currently no UW-IT wide strategy events are planned.

Past Events

The current UW-IT strategy practice was established in 2016-2018 through a series of events involving service owners and managers from across UW-IT.

March 7, 2018Strategy Management - Innovation Day (Agenda and Details)

February 8, 2018UW-IT OVP Strategy Review

November 14, 2017UW-IT HR Strategy Development

October 11, 2017UW-IT OVP Strategy Development

September 7, 2017Strategy Summit (Senior Leadership Team)

September 14, 2016UW-IT Leap Forward Day Pilot of Strategy Into ActionPDFPDFPDF
December 12, 2016Strategy Workshop for Information Management Business ServicesGoogle SlideGoogle SlideFolder
December 15, 2016Strategy Workshop for IT Infrastructure Business ServicesGoogle SlideGoogle SlideFolder
December 20, 2016Strategy Workshop for Customer Service and Support Business ServicesGoogle SlideGoogle SlideFolder
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