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Version 1.1 published 2/11/20

Strategy Statement: We partner with UW Financial Management to maintain enterprise administrative applications that enable UW's Finance business processes.

Vision: A shared roadmap for legacy financial systems, leading to a modern replacement finance system that supports standard business processes and enables data-driven decision-making.

Outdated legacy systems no longer support business
Lack of standard business processes
New, rapidly emerging technologies may provide options to buy vs. build
Increasing federal/state regulation and oversight
Increasing risks surrounding data protection
Changes in organizational culture and leadership


  • Finance Transformation (FT)
  • Lift and Shift OASIS
  • Transition planning, Ariba to Jaeggar
  • Remediation planning / design, eFECS


  • Retirement of legacy systems
    • FAS
    • BGT
    • PAS
    • Ariba
    • MyFD
    • OASIS


  • Common web development patterns
  • Additional FT-related remediation / gap application
Clear roadmap for modernizing UW financial systems 
A clearly defined book of work focuses on preparing UW for FT
Modern, reliable, supportable, flexible, secure system supporting standard business processes
Reduce risk and ineficiencies
Better, standard business processes
Culture of continuous process improvement/change
Data-based decision making
Improved core functionality

Contributors:  Heriberto Rodriguez, Brent Holterman