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v1.0, published 2/17/17

Strategy Statement: To support students and instructors in informal and formal learning contexts, UW-IT provides computing labs, instructional spaces, and support to enable technology-driven teaching and learning experiences.

Vision: Instructional computing needs are met with computing classrooms that allow for both static workstation and BYOD activities and curriculum. Computing labs and multimedia creation and editing studios are provided for students to ensure equitable access to the technology needed to succeed in their coursework.


Students increasingly need access to specialized software titles and computing platforms.

Current: Odegaard (OUGL) Learning Commons and MGH computer classrooms

Current: OUGL multimedia studios

Current: Completing block funding agreement with Student Technology Fee Committee to ensure ongoing, predictable funding model for OUGL Learning Commons and multimedia studios.

Future: Exploring viability of BYOD spaces and services within Odegaard Learning Commons and informal learning spaces.

The Odegaard Learning Commons, informal learning spaces, and multimedia studios will have guaranteed funding to ensure sustainable operations and availability to UW students.

Adequate support of synchronous and asynchronous instructional computer needs of students.

We will re-imagine what student computing spaces look like, and will have the resources needed to support piloting of new ideas, equipment, and software.

Graduate students increasingly need support in instructional design and teaching and learning technology.


Current: Creating flipped version of Canvas Intro 1/2 courses for upcoming TA/RA conference (Innotas)


Incoming TAs will have access to our most common Canvas training materials to help prepare for the fast-paced conference. These materials will also support them in their role throughout the year.

Departments are requesting workshops and training opportunities that are tailored to their academic programs.

Current: Customized departmental workshops and outreach events to help move entire programs into Canvas environment.


We will drive quality adoption of UW-IT's teaching and learning tools by creating lasting proactive and reactive support partnerships with departments and programs.

Contributors:  Nate McKee, Phil Reid