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v3.1 published 9/27/19

Strategy Statement: UW-IT Software Licensing delivers an efficient and cost effective service for UW faculty, staff and students to acquire and use many software products while meeting compliance standards for licensing and government regulations.

Vision: To consolidate the UW effort in negotiating software license contracts, leverage the institutional purchase at the lowest possible price, provide a simple process for customers to discover and obtain software, build our product inventory based on broad-based customer need and ensure usage compliance in accordance with vendors requirements.

Campus customers expect growth and diversity in our UWare catalog


  • Development of criteria for requesting new products for the UWare catalog
  • Software Licensing Enterprise Qualtrics Agreement (P3): Discovery process for validation of Enterprise Qualtrics agreement - IDEA0222070  


  • GitLab
  • Project Pro/Premium (MSLM Project 2)
  • MS365 A5 (MSLM Project 2)
  • Visio (MSLM Project 2)
  • Dynamics 365
  • PowerApps
  • O365 Calling Plans

Intake process described and published for requesting new catalog items

Clear definitions of what software products will and what will not be considered 

Customers are able to access a wide range of relevant, modern software products that are centrally managed

Academic Technologies is transitioning Zoom billing to UW-IT


ITF1 billing for Zoom (IDEA0222118)

Incorporate Zoom licensing, provisioning and billing into the UWare service support plan

Adobe forcibly migrated Device License customers to Shared Device Licenses which require substantial changes to the management of the licenses and the end user experience


Working with Adobe and campus stakeholders to identify and resolve issues related to this program (IDEA0222096)

Adobe Shared Device Licenses are a sustainable and manageable product in the UWare catalog

B&F would like to consolidate UW-IT software licenses under the Software Licensing servic


Discovery process (IDEA0222112)

Identify and create appropriate Service Offerings in this Business Service.

Clear definitions about what products belong in software licensing (budget, work, type)

Sufficient resources are provided to complete the work

Software Licensing business service includes both self-sustaining and funded Service Offerings

Rome and Fortune are retiring


  • Migrate current subscribers to the ITF1 business model
  • Work with B&F to simplify identification and reconciliation of budget errors
The Software Licensing service team is easily able to manage questions regarding billing and other customer requests related to current subscriptions
Customers want simple transactions similar to other online shopping experiences. Customers want to be able to know what services they and their users are subscribed to and have an easy way of managing changes to those subscriptions


  • Creation of BSRs for subscription and cancellation of software licenses
  • ITF1 transition


Redesign the UWare website

Increased visibility of products and options

Improved consistency for service delivery

Risk Management

  • Vendors change license terms annually.
  • Vendor initiate campus audits for software being used outside this service.
  • Many software packages require a BAA in order to be used by UW’s Healthcare providers
  • Contract prices continually increase  and there is a risk that we will under recover and drop the license
  • An uptick in the Tier 2 vendors initiating audits
  • Uncertainty regarding new audit approaches from vendors with Named user/device licenses


  • Initiate BAA with Adobe for cloud storage
  • Review, amend and accept the new license for Crashplan
  • Stay abreast of emerging changes to audits, contracts, etc.


  • Develop BAA for Crashplan if necessary
  • Develop ITF1 into an asset tracking system for software licenses
  • Spin up a new service for managing software audits (needs project idea submitted)


  • Implement internal audits for software licensed inside UW-IT and across campus via our service
Increased customer awareness of compliance requirements to reduce audit risks

Contributors: (Steven Kurle, Karalee Woody, Damien Koemans)