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Level 0

Levels 1 and 2

Learn more about strategies in each part of UW-IT:

Strategic Goals (Level 1)Strategic Service Portfolio (Level 2)Business Service OwnerPrimary Contact
Strategy on a page for each strategic goal:Strategy on a page for each business service:
In addition to BSO, if applicable:
Enable Innovative Teaching & Learning
  • Learning Group Support (pending)
Erik Hofer (AS)Tom Lewis
  • Teaching and Learning Tools (pending)
Tom Lewis
Support World-Class Research(pending new service structure)Erik Lundberg (RCS)Rob Fatland (new HPC Director)
Modernize Information & Business SystemsAnja Canfield-Budde (IM)Brent Holterman
Rob McDade
Cassy Beekman
Brent Holterman
Brent Holterman
  • Student Systems (pending)
Erik Hofer (AS)Larry Calter
Enhance Collaborationn/aErik Hofer (AS)Tow Lewis, Scott Norton
Provide Access to Excellent InfrastructureBrad Greer (ITI)Scott Hansen

Greg Couch

David Morton

Nathan Dors

Joby Walker

Jan Eveleth

Mark Strand
Reduce Enterprise RiskErik Lundberg (RCS)Andy Ward

  • Information Security & Privacy (pending)
Kirk Bailey (OCISO)

Erik Hofer (AS)Sheryl Burgstahler
Advance Operational ExcellenceKaralee Woody (CSS)Damien Koemans, Felicia Watson

Damien Koemans

Brad Greer (ITI)Mary Mulvihill

Erik Lundberg (RCS)Jim Phelps

Erik Lundberg (RCS)Cass Tang

  • Business & Finance (pending)
Bill Ferris (B&F)

  • Communications (pending)
Cindy Brown (Communications)

  • Consulting (pending)
Karalee Woody (CSS)Felicia Watson

  • Human Resources (pending)
Susan Lawrence (HR)

  • Organizational Development (pending)
Heidi Barta (OD)

  • Strategic Sourcing (pending)
Erik Lundberg (RCS)

... or view a printable slide deck of the Level 1 strategies

How to Contribute

To participate in strategy development see, the How to Contribute page.

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