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The Enterprise Architecture and Strategy team is hosting a Strategy Management Event on the next Innovation Day (March 7, 2018) from 9AM to Noon.   We will build on Aaron’s blog post and Level 0 SoaP (Aaron’s Blog:  Some things never change; some things always do, Jan 10, 2018).  The draft agenda for the day and registration link is below (registration not mandatory but we would love to have a headcount ahead of time).


Join your peers across UW-IT to: 

 • Understand UW-IT's current strategic Areas of Focus 

 • Turn your ideas into potential projects 

 • Find collaborators for potential projects 

Day:  March 7, 2018
Time:  9AM to Noon
Location:  OUGL 220 - Odegaard Library Room 220

Agenda (draft)



9 AM
Kickoff - Aaron Powell
9:15 AM
Panel discussion - SLT
10:00 AM
10:10 AM
Strategy on a Page (SoaP) for each Area of Focus (AoF)
10:30 AM
Generating Initiatives that have the greatest impact
11:30 AM
Sharing the top idea from each AoF breakout group
11:45 AM
Further discussion of shared initiatives, next steps
Session close