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Student Web Service is the preferred interface for accessing and updating central student data.



Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or ideas about how we can improve this service, either by contacting or through UserVoice



It’s been a long road for the SWS over the last few years. This release will be the culmination of many years of work, by many hands along the way. The idea began as an effort to re-architect the Enterprise Web Services for a future that was quickly changing. The premise was to decouple a source system from the web service that relied upon its data. The integration data source should be fast, flexible and be strong in “search”.…
SWS v5.1 Release Notes
This is an update to Elasticsearch and SWS v5.1 release plan.  This release will enhance the Student Web Service (SWS) and its core components both in terms of additional data (including Professional and Continuing Education courses) and responsiveness (faster, more available, lower latency). This enhancement will in turn benefit users of MyUW, Canvas, MyPlan, and other SWS dependent systems. Release to Eval environment was deployed as of May 18, 2015.…
Web Service Users and Support Teams,   The following services have a new evaluation environment:   Content service Decision support service Financial service Hrp service Idcard service Identity service Key service Space service Student service   Actions Required: Change your eval web service pointers to the new: https://wseval.s.uw.…
Student Web Service Users:   We wanted to give you an update to our SWS release plan which was communicated 5/13/2014 ( Here is the amended projected timing. The dates listed are target dates. January 15, 2015 - v4 Retired in Evaluation Environment January 28, 2014 - v4 Retired in production Late December 2014: v4 retired – many of you are still using v4. Please prioritize getting switched over to v5.…
SWS v5 Release Monday 6/30
On Monday morning 6/30, Student Web Service (SWS) v5 will be released to production. There should be no service interruption. We will notify you before we start and after the release completes. SWS v3 API will be retired with this release. SWS v4 API will be supported until late December, 2014. SWS v5 API documentation available here:
We have published an SLA.  A couple of important differences from the previous service policy documentation: We will provide at least a six month notice before we retire any interface. Interfaces (v3, v4, etc) pass through different life cycle stages: in evaluation, released, deprecated, retired We have also published our cache policy.  Take a look at the Service Level Agreement (SLA)  
SWS 2014 Release Plan
We wanted to give you a heads-up on some changes coming for SWS in 2014. We are currently developing an exciting new Web API infrastructure based on Elasticsearch ( to deliver fast and low-latency student data. When we release this new infrastructure, targeted for late December, you will see fast, fresh responses from the section, registration, enrollment, and course resources. In the meantime, there are various API changes we need to make in order to help get us there.…
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