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Use project change control to capture changes requested during a project that might impact the scope and schedule of the project, the resources required on the project and/or the budget of the project.

The purpose of capturing and evaluating these changes is to understand, in advance, the impact of approving the change. The project team participates in evaluating the impact of a change to the project and the project sponsor is typically responsible for final approval of the change requested.

Examples of changes could be:

  • Change in the scope of a project once the project charter has been completed.
  • Change to the requirements once the requirements have been approved and signed-off.

In addition to documenting each individual change request, the purpose and impact, consider maintaining a project change request control log.  This log simply tracks all requests (at a high-level), their current status, as well as a the final decision made for each request.


The inputs recommended for the project change control process include:

  • A description of the change being requested
  • Purpose, estimated cost and benefit of making the change


The outputs desired from the project change control process include:

  • Completed change request and update project change control log, with the appropriate detail
  • Defined approach for incorporating the change
  • An evaluation of the impact to resources, schedule and cost; if the change request will result in more than + 20% change in project scope, schedule, or cost, formal re-baselining of the project may be required
  • Approval to proceed
  • Funding commitment 
  • Assigned and available resources






A change to the project is identified and a Change Request is presented to the project manager

Idea Owner


Review the change requested with the project sponsor to decide to complete an impact evaluation or to defer the change to a later phase/project

Project Manager


Fill out the Change Control Log

Project Manager


Complete the impact evaluation by reviewing the change requested with your project team and other potential stakeholders.

  • Key Considerations:
    • Will this increase the cost of the project
    • Potential risk
    • The value of the proposed change
    • How will this impact the resources needed on the project - look at skill sets needed to complete the work and the estimated time required to complete the work.
    • How will this impact the current schedule for the project

Project Manager


Review the impact evaluation with the project sponsor to approve or decline the request.

  • Outcomes to consider:
    • Approve the change and incorporate the associated impacts into the project plan (schedule, budget, resource plan, etc.)
    • Approve the change, but delay it to a later release.
    • Decline the change

Project Manager / Project Sponsor


If the change request has been approved, update project documentation. Examples of which deliverables may need to be updated include:

  • Project plan/schedule
  • Resource plan
  • Project budget

If formal re-baseline of the project becomes necessary due to impact of the change to overall project scope, schedule, or cost, submit re-baseline request for PRB review/approval.

Project Manager


Communicate the decision (and associated impacts) to the requester, project team and any other key stakeholders.

Project Manager