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  1. Ask the user if they are local or remote
    1. If they are local...
      1. Arrange a convenient time to meet in the UW Roosevelt Building West lobby to receive their equipment
        1. Remind them to return their laptop, laptop charger, docking station, keyboard, mouse, and monitor
          1. Cross reference with their onboarding ticket, if they have one, to see what equipment we should be expecting
      2. After pickup, resolve the ticket
    2. If they are not local...
      1. Ask the user for a shipping address
      2. Ask the user if they still kept the original boxes the equipment came in
        1. If they did...
          1. proceed
        2. If they did not...
          1. Instruct them to go to purchase...
            1. ONE larger box for the computer, charger, docking station, keyboard, and mouse at their local FedEx
              1. Ensure they bubble or protective wrap the laptop
            2. The "Pack and Ship" service from FedEx for their Monitor
          2. Tell them to email the corresponding email address for a reimbursement of the box costs
            1. for Finance... ???
            2. for FT.... ???
      3. Email ""
        1. Subject: Return Label Request (Two Labels)
          1. Change this to be "(One Label)" if the user is only returning a laptop
        2. Attach the completed Shipping Form
          1. Ensure to write in the notes that this is a return label request
        3. Wait for them to return the labels
      4. Email the user
        1. Attach the shipping labels and a battery warning label to the ticket
        2. Instruct then to tape the shipping labels to the corresponding boxes and attach the battery label to the box containing the laptop
        3. Ask them to confirm once they've dropped off the packages 
      5. Wait for the user to confirm they've dropped the packages off at FedEx, then resolve the ticket
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