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Congratulations on Receiving your UW Issued Computer.

This box should contain:

  • Laptop (Notebook Computer)
  • AC Power Laptop Adapter
  • Mouse and Keyboard Combo
  • Docking Station
  • Printed Instructions on remoting in

In a separately shipped package you should receive a:

  • 27" Monitor is compatible with the docking station. Due to global supply shortages, remote users are currently limited to 1 monitor.
  • AC Power Adapter for Monitors
  • Cable compatible with the Docking Station (and cable compatible with the laptop itself, or cable compatible with both the laptop and docking station).

If 100% Remote / out of state, please hang on to packaging and refrain from discarding those, as the equipment is UW Property, and we'll want the Laptop, Docking Stations, and Monitors back at the end of the appointment or when you are separated from the University. At the very least do not discard the packaging for the monitors, as those are very difficult to ship without the contents breaking without the original packaging.

If you've successfully previously remoted onto the computer you were shipped using Husky OnNet and Windows Remote Desktop Connection (Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac users), then you can just:

  • Turn on the Computer
  • Click on "Other User" in the bottom left hand corner of the login screen.
  • Proceed with logging in with your netid credentials.
    • If you had changed your NetID password while the computer is being shipped, please use the previous password before the change.

If the above was not successful

- OR -

If we did not contact you to attempt a first-time login before shipping off the computer, while the computer is still on-campus (or you were unsuccessful). You will need to follow special instructions for your initial login.

  • Turn on the computer
  • On the bottom right hand corner, click on the Wifi (wireless internet) or Computer with Ethernet logo (wired internet) and connect to your home internet.
  • Follow these instructions to perform Network Sign-In (via MWS VPN)
  • After you log for the first time using the above instructions, any subsequent login can be done Normally without using Network Sign-In using the preferred VPN Service "Husky OnNet" which should be pre-installed on computers issued by UW Finance IT.

If you run into issues, please email 

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