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If you have issues upgrading on your own or if you run into issues, email us at and we’ll offer assistance, but here are the steps to get SecureCRT updated to the latest version:

  1. Before beginning, close any existing open “SecureCRT” windows or sessions
  2. Go to and click on “DOWNLOAD SECURECRT”
  3. Scroll Down and click on “SecureCRT 64-bit Downloads” under Windows.
    This will download a .exe Installer file, which you should run after the download is completed.


    Be Advised that the below steps is subject to change (slightly) if performed after 4/19, as UW-IT is preparing to launch a 9.2 version “soon”.
  4. Once the InstallShield Wizard is launched, click “Next”
  5. Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  6. Leave the Profile Option set to “Common profile (affects all users)” default option. This should keep your settings intact.
  7. Select “Complete” as the Set Up type.
  8. Click Next, I recommend these two boxes remain checked.
  9. Click “Install”
  10. After waiting for the Installation to complete, you should be presented with this screen. Just go ahead and click “Finish”
  11. After upgrading and launching the upgraded version for the first time, you will receive a “New Host Key” prompt. Click “Accept & Save”.

    If you are concerned that Keynes or your connection to Keynes may actually be compromised, you can click "View Host Key" and compare it to our last known certificate here: SecureCRT - UW Finance - Technology Shared Services - UW-IT Wiki ( . However our record may be out of date if there is known update or changes to Keynes Server. Please notify if you notice a mismatch.
  12. Optionally: Without closing the existing tab or session. Click to Open the “Session Manager” tab on the left-hand side of the window and double click on “” and click “Accept & Save”. Repeating this more time or until you are no longer given “New Host Key” prompts.
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