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  • Orange banner shows up and says "Renew the license" even though I used UW email to sign up

    • Answer: Even though it says University of Washington under the user's Account Information, that's not always the case on UW's LastPass back-end. Make sure the user created their account through an invitation UW-IT initially sends. If the invitation expired, you can either contact UW-IT or self-service it by deleting the account and going through the manual process again. You can delete your LastPass account through the link below:

      Refer to the following for more information from UW-IT:
      1. Create a new LastPass account using your email address. (Recommended)
        If you want to create a new account, click this link: Create a New LastPass Account. After creating your account and logging in, return to this email and click on the following link to complete activation: Activate Your LastPass Account. You can later 'link' your personal account to your Enterprise account, but keep your data separate.
      2. Use your existing LastPass account to join LastPass Enterprise.
        If you have an existing LastPass account, follow these steps: Activate Your LastPass Account. Note, only do this if your existing account uses your email address and is used for UW purposes. This will associate the account to the UW and the account may be deleted if your relationship to the UW or UW-IT changes.

        Once you've associated your account, go to to complete the process.

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