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New Hire Onboarding Process

New Hire Onboarding
  1. Hiring Manager or UW Finance HR notifies that a new employee will be starting with at least one week of lead time.
    Include the following information:
    1. Full Name

    2. NetID

    3. Start Date
    4. Department
    5. If 100% remote, employee address and phone for shipping equipment
  2. Assign/Set up Equipment 
    1. Laptop or Desktop; 2 Monitors, Docking Station, Keyboard/Mouse Combo: Standard Equipment
    2. Computer Disk Encryption/Imaging
    3. Joined to the NetID domain
    4. Inventory Script run (Bitlocker key backed up, user set as local administrator, computer entered in UW Finance Computer Inventory)
    5. Map J:, I:, H: drives (happens through group policy)
  3.  Install standard package of software (All UW Finance Systems)
    1. Applications

      HuskyOnNetLAPsGoogle Chrome
      Adobe ReaderFireFoxMicrosoft Edge
      LastPass ExtensionsZoomWinSCP
      SSMSNotepad ++MS Teams

  4. Department Specific Applications
    1. Office of Public Records
      1. Case Management Software
    2. Treasury (Either broad or Team)
      1. TBD
      2. TBD
  5. Set permissions groups and shared drives
    1. UW Fin ALL
      1. I Drive
      2. J Drive (Replacement for I-Drive)
    2. Treasury
      1. W Drive (UW Advancement Owned)
  6. Newly imaged computer shipped or deployed to desk by employee start date
  7. Technology is deployed to desk (Docking station, two monitors, keyboard/mouse combo)

Supervisory or Team Responsibilities

Supervisor/Team Responsibilities
  1. General onboarding (UW HR New Employee Onboarding)
    1. Onboarding Toolkit
    2. Required Employee Training
  2. Desk Assignment - Desk Location - Desk Physical Movement
  3. Building Access or Floor Access
  4. Permissions
    1. Astra based permissions
    2. EDW (Data warehouse)
    3. MS Teams
    4. SharePoint
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