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Sharing OneDrive files via web browser

  1. Create a folder to share

  2. Click on the folder, here you will add those files you would like to share

  3. Click My Files to go back to your OneDrive main folder

  4. Select the folder by clicking the following button

  5. Select the three dots that becomes permanently visible when an item or folder is selected

  6. Here you enter the individuals or groups you would like to shared the folder or document with, as well as the permissions you wish to grant (View or Edit)

Sharing OneDrive files via desktop application

  1. Using File Explorer (File Icon) click on the folder labeled OneDrive - UW

  2. Inside this folder, create or select the folder you wish to share

  3. Right-Click this folder & select Share with the OneDrive Icon

  4. Use the following window to select with whom you want to share and the associated permissions you want to give

  5. You can tell an item or folder has been shared because you will receive a message confirming the share and you will see the person icon show up next to the file or folder

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