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When sending out meeting invitations via Outlook, the following information should be included in the body of the Outlook invite. Your invite should include the meeting name, objective, time and location, Zoom information, and the scheduler's contact information. The auto-generated Zoom information has been shortened to only include the desired information: meeting link, meeting ID, call-in number, and one tap mobile link. If the meeting invite includes non-UWFT participants, a map or diagram of the meeting location should be included when necessary.

Please paste the one tap mobile link in the location portion of the Outlook meeting invite.

PICTURE (have pic of both meeting room and one tap mobile link)

Copy and paste the following into your Outlook invite:

Meeting Name:

Meeting Objective:

Meeting Time & Location:

Zoom Information:

One tap mobile


Dial by your location


[Meeting Scheduler: First Last / / MM.DD.YYYY]

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