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Zoom is the UW's chosen cloud-based software for video and audio conferencing available to mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems.


UWFT is transitioning away from our three shared Zoom accounts and will instead have personal Zoom Pro accounts for every UW employee on the program. This allows for ease of scheduling meetings and ensures meeting attendees do not accidentally join the wrong meeting. Personal accounts will be available starting January 2020. We encourage everyone to start utilizing them as soon as possible. The shared Zoom lines 1-3 will be retired for personal use, but will still be used for UWFT Governance meetings in 2020.

Help & Support

For support within your workstream, please contact the following Subject Matter Expert (SME) :

WorkstreamZoom SME

Jason Kalivas -

Program Operations

Anne Shirey -

Kiara Elliott -

Op ModelDawn Bostrom -
DesignScott Coil -

Don Wilcox -

Platform IntegrationAdriana Rodgers -

If you need additional help or have questions about Zoom, please contact UW Finance IT by submitting a Help Desk request at

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