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Welcome to the UW Drupal wiki!


Immediately following Web Council in Odegaard 220 the third Thursday of every month, 10:30 to 11:30 (unless otherwise noted).

2014 schedule: Jan. 22 (Wednesday), Feb. 20, Mar. 20, Apr. 17, May 15, Jun. 19, July 24 (fourth Thursday), Aug. 21, Sep. 25 (fourth Thursday), Oct. 16, Nov. 20.


Coworking sessions are held once a month, roughly two weeks opposite the Meetings.

This is a great place to discuss specific questions and problems, and make progress on collaborative projects!

2014 Schedule: TBD

Location: TBD

Next coworking session: TBD


Meeting Notes


Presentations can cover anything from a problem needing solving to knowledge-sharing about a theme, module, or technique. The idea is just to focus on something and give our discussion a little structure.

Have something you'd like us to discuss?
Add a topic to the list below!

Have something you'd like to present on?
Add your name after a topic below (type '@', then your name)

Next Meeting May 15:

  • How College of A&S hosts on Amazon Web Services - Heather Wozniak
  • Pantheon, Acquia, SaaS, VPS, other hosting providers - anyone with experience, willing to speak?
  • New Dance Program Site - Morgen Nilsson, College of Arts & Sciences
  • General Q&A

Future meetings:

  • Suggest a topic below or to
  • Volunteer!  Demo your latest site or tell us about your favorite module

Presentation Topics

  • Site demos: always welcome!
  • Thoughts on Drupal 8
  • Discussion of edu distributions like OpenScholar
  • General site maintenance strategies (background, techniques, role of outside vendors)
  • Hosting options: depts, managed servers, AWS, pantheon, etc.
  • Print/email/PDF versions - Heather Wozniak
  • "Must-have" modules for basic D7 setup - Heather Wozniak
  • Finance & Facilities Web Sites - Dan Druliner
  • Signup - Dan Druliner
  • FAQ system - Dan Druliner
  • UW authentication and Drupal (pubcookie, Shibboleth, in-depth examples) - Nathan Dors, Heather Wozniak
  • Upgrading existing sites (D5 --> D6 --> D7)
  • Code sharing / version control e.g. github, bitbucket
  • Manage one or more sites through time
  • Front End vs. Back End vs. Site Building (administrative)
    • How to separate out content editing from admin / site building – Heather Wozniak
    • Admin Themes
  • Taxonomy usage
  • Integration with other campus resources (web services)
  • Accessibility – Heather Wozniak
  • Hiding complexity from editors – Heather Wozniak
  • Workflows e.g. workbench module
  • Drupal back-end/PHP debugging (IDE, Xdebug, etc)
  • Multilingual Drupal
  • School of Nursing build: end of support, and potential alternatives moving forward - Jasper Bleijs
  • Feeds: Tamper, consuming web-services - Dan Druliner
    Webform - Dan Druliner
  • Git deploy workflow - Joel T Walters

Ongoing Agenda Items

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