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eScience wiki (SIG wiki)

Drupal development site

ORIS drupal site (in development)


eScience Content Plan (Google spreadsheet)

additional content (text, images, etc)

Content migrating from old site to new site


edit workflow (editor role)

workflows by user roles

Case Studies

Structure of Case Studies/Profiles

  1. Define Problem
  2. Explore problem in detail
  3. Solution or implementation
  4. Specific results or benefits
  5. Generalizable results or benefits


Guides address typical problems, challenges, or goals and provide an overview of one or several options to address the problem, and links to more detailed information and step-by-step instructions.

Structure of guides

  1. Overview of problem/goal
  2. List of options/solutions
  3. Links to detail information or step-by-step instructions
  4. Other resources (campus or external)
  5. How to get help

Help documentation

Detailed, step-by-step instructions for using software or server set up.

Index of topics>>short, concise list of steps.

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