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Embedded Architects typically meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month, 11:00 - noon

Subscribing to Meetings

Due to the overhead of updating individual meetings as people join and leave the community, we are switching to UW Trumba calendar for event management.

To join the mailing list:

  • Send an email to stating that you want to be added to the Embedded Architects email list.

To receive meeting invitations:

Due to some calendar application limitations of subscribing to events:

  • We will also send a separate calendar prior to the next meeting (~ 2 weeks before) to
  • We will update both the Trumba calendar event and the separate calendar event if any changes occur.

Upcoming Meetings (next 3 months)


  • DevOps: Discuss and document shared practices by doing both case studies and focusing on particular practice areas
  • IT Architecture: 
    • Identify and discuss high-value technology and application architecture topics.
  • Strategy and Business Alignment:
    • Share strategies between teams and discuss UW-IT strategic goals
    • Review proposed project abstracts or business cases with focus on alignment and value
    • Link IT services and project requests to business outcomes 
  • UnConference: Build an agenda on the fly and discuss topics of interest
  • Book Club


Topic Backlog

Embedded Architects Topic Backlog


Embedded Architects Community of Practice Charter

Remote Meeting Participation

We support remote participation, we will provide Zoom video conferencing in the meeting invitation. See URL in meeting invitation.


Membership is open. Please send an email to to request to be added to the mailing list.

You may check your membership or "leave" the group by using the following:

Membership (links to UW Group Service)


Technologists at the UW engaged in technical decisions will help to define and share a UW EA vision and strategy and will have relationships they can draw upon to help make decisions in line with that vision.  These technologists form a pool of expertise that the Director of EA & Strategy and others can draw on. 


  1. Develop relationships with other members of the UW community engaged in solving technical problems

  2. Share technical architecture expertise within the UW community

  3. Better understand the business context and business drivers for technical decisions

  4. Establish a shared understanding of UW EA vision.

  5. Collaborate to apply architectural principles to solving problems.

  6. Provide a pool of experts to provide input to the EA program and other efforts.

  7. Create small action teams that may solve limited scale problems or recommend work, likely by creating project charter.


  • May 2014, formation and first meeting
  • Nov 2017, merged with DevOps CoP
  • Mar 2018, merged with ByDevForDev

Meeting History

See Embedded Architects History of Meetings


See Google Drive for presentation material.

Steering Group


  • Rupert Berk
  • Diego Bartholomew
  • Jim Laney
  • Tho Le
  • Justin Prosser
  • Piet Niederhausen

The steering group meets quarterly to coordinate topics and plan sessions.

See steering group Google Drive for planning material.

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