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Note: In order to use ABAQUS on Hyak, a license must be obtained via the College of Engineering by a department, faculty, or staff with a UW Budget number.  Be sure to indicate that the license will be used on Hyak.

Currently, ABAQUS is only installed on ikt.hyak. If you have purchased a licence via the College of Engineering and would like to use ABAQUS on mox.hyak, please contact the Hyak team via

Below abc is your userid and xyz is your group.

For interactive use of ABAQUS:

ssh -X

srun -p xyz -A xyz --time=2:00:00 --mem=58G --pty /bin/bash

Below command shows the available abaqus versions on hyak:

module avail

Use below command to load abaqus and start the GUI


module load abaqus_6.14

abaqus viewer

For parallel batch use of ABAQUS on a single node:

Put below in your slurm script. Replace the upper case text like YOUR_JOB_NAME appropriately.

It is important to set the cpus option since the default value of this option is 1.

For ikt:


module load abaqus_6.14

abaqus job=YOUR_JOB_NAME input=YOUR_INPUT_FILE user=YOUR_FORTRAN_SOURCE_OR_OBJECT_FILE double=both interactive cpus=16

See below link the default value for cpus option and for more details (Sections 3.2.2 and 3.3.1):

For parallel batch use of ABAQUS on multi-nodes (For ABAQUS, Slurm and linux experts only):

In addition to above steps for single node, you will have to do below three steps:

(a) Below icc version should be the same as the icc version used for compiling your code in the "user" option of the abaqus command.

module load  icc_18-impi_2018

(b) add below option to the abaqus command above:


(c) Construct the mp_host_list variable and put it in the abaqus_v6.env file:

 The abaqus_v6.env file should be in the same directory from where you are running abaqus.

Suppose "scontrol show hostnames" gives you output like below





Then construct your mp_host_list variable like below for ikt.hyak:


For mox.hyak, construct the mp_host_list variable like below:


See below link for how to construct mp_host_list. You will have to modify the steps appropriately.

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