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  • Hyak Ikt cluster decommissioned June 1, 2020
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The Hyak 'Ikt' cluster will be decommissioned on Jun 1, 2020.   All Ikt compute nodes will be powered down on that date, and no job whose maximum runtime extends past 11:59:59pm May 31, 2020 will be accepted by the scheduler, effective immediately.

In preparation:

  • A Slurm reservation has been created that will reject submission of any job that would run past 11:59:59 on May 31, 2020.
  • Users and groups should make plans to retain any needed files/data currently stored on Ikt (by archiving to Lolo, transferring to the Hyak Mox cluster, or copying to an outside resource). WHEN IKT STORAGE IS DECOMMISSIONED ON JUNE 15, 2020, FILES STORED THERE WILL BE GONE FOREVER. Transferring large amounts of data can take a very long time, so data retention measures should be planned and executed well in advance of the decommission date.
  • Groups planning to continue Hyak use should plan to purchase appropriate resources on the Hyak Mox cluster. Financial and hardware requisition processes take time, so groups should plan well in order to ensure uninterrupted cluster resource availability for their users.

Groups with any questions, or who need assistance planning a transition from Ikt to Mox, should contact and reference 'Hyak Ikt cluster decommissioning'.

Information on specific steps that should be taken well prior to June 2020 are detailed HERE.

Any further updates regarding the decommissioning of Ikt will be added to this page.

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