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Use "module avail" to decide the Intel compiler icc version and Intel MPI impi version that you want to use. Then load it using below command.

module load icc_14.0.3-impi_4.1.3.049

Now you can use the intel compiler for MPI, mpiifort, mpiicc etc. However, it may be that your Makefiles contains the non-Intel specfic compiler names like mpif90, mpicc, mpicxx etc. Hence, you can export below environment variables for the bash shell (Hyak's default shell is the bash shell).

export I_MPI_CC=icc

export I_MPI_CXX=icpc

export I_MPI_F77=ifort

export I_MPI_F90=ifort

Some users may be using C-shell due to historical reasons. The equivalent commands for the C-shell are

setenv I_MPI_CC icc

setenv I_MPI_CXX icpc

setenv I_MPI_F77 ifort

setenv I_MPI_F90 ifort

Now mpif90, mpicc etc. will use Intel MPI.
So if your Makefile contains mpif90, mpicc etc. then it will use Intel MPI.

Another alternative is to modify you Makefile with an option. For example for mpif90 you can use below option to tell mpif90 to use the intel compiler ifort.

mpif90 -f90=ifort ...

Use below command to find the full list of options used by mpicc:

mpicc -show

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