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Quotas in the Hyak scratch filesystem are assigned on a fileset basis. This means that each group's subdirectory under /gscratch is limited to a maximum capacity, regardless of who stores data there. Because groups typically restrict access to their /gscratch directory to group members, this ensures the most flexible use of the group's disk storage resources.

Administrators of groups on Hyak with independent filesets or their own filesystems can now edit their user and group quotas. The script /sw/local/bin/adminedquota can be run with sudo to edit users quotas:

 {{Usage: adminedquota [--user <user> | --group <group>] --filesystem <filesystem> --fileset <fileset>}}
 {{Edit a fileset on a given filesystem, or a user's or group's quota on a given fileset}}
 {{Examples: adminedquota --filesystem ischool --fileset some}}
 {{          adminedquota --user reschke --filesystem gscratch --fileset hyak-hpc}}
 {{          adminedquota --group hyak-hpc --filesystem gscratch --fileset hyak-hpc}}

GPFS does not support user or group based quotas on non-independent filesets.

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