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Star CCM Batch Jobs

You will need to change parameters appropriately your job. 

Use the command "module avail" to find the available starccm+ modules on ikt or mox.

See end of below link for a sample slurm script.


scontrol show hostnames > list_of_nodes

For ikt use below line:

module load starccm_9.06.11

For mox use below line

module load contrib/starccm+_12.02.010

Below replace N by (number_of_nodes *num_cores_per_node).

Here num_cores_per_node is 16 for ikt and 28 for mox.

starccm+ -np N -batch -machinefile list_of_nodes starccm.sim >& output.txt

Additional Information

Below command lists the various options for starccm+

starccm+ -phelp

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