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The Windows OS does not support ssh as part of the operating system. Hence you will have to install an ssh client to connect to Hyak. The Hyak team does not endorse or support any of the software listed below. The information is provided for the convenience of Windows users. Some options for an ssh client are:

(a) Commonly used ssh clients are PuTTY and MobaXterm.

(b) On Windows 10, you can install Windows Subsystem for Linux  which has a bash shell with ssh.

(c) On Windows 10, you can install cygwin. A cygwin terminal behaves like a linux terminal and has ssh. During the cygwin install, the install GUI will have settings like "default". Change the very top "default" to install so that it installs all the packages. By installing all the packages you will get gcc etc.

(d) On Windows 10, you can install the Microsoft OpenSSH:

If you want to use GUI applications running on Hyak then you will have to install a X client on your Windows machine.

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