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Method 1

You can use CIFS for file transfer.
The fileserver hostname for CIFS mounts is, share name collaboration. Authentication is via username NETID\your_UWNetID and your UWNetID password (i.e. if your UW NetID is jsmith01, enter NETID\jsmith01). If you are logged in to a Windows computer as NETID\your_UWNetID, no additional authentication is performed at share mount time. Information for mapping a network drive can be found here

Once you have mounted, you can drag and drop files to the folder xyz/abc where xyz is your hyak group name and abc is your hyak userid.

You can then ssh to hyak and cd /lolo/collaboration/hyak/xyz/abc to access your files.

Method 2

You can use various ssh client software for Windows to transfer files to Hyak or Lolo by using drag and drop.
The Hyak team is not responsible for these programs. You can contact your departmental IT group for advice on suitable programs.

You should turn off  the "auto reconnect" option in your ssh client software so that client software does not try repeatedly to connect to mox.hyak.

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