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In below instructions, replace xyz by your group name and abc by your userid.
(1) ssh
(2) Put below line in the .bashrc file in your home directory.
export SPS_HOME=/gscratch/xyz/abc/fspsdir/fsps/
(3) srun -p build --time=2:00:00 --mem=100G --pty /bin/bash
(4) module load anaconda_2.4


(5) mkdir /gscratch/xyz/abc/fspsdir


(6) cd /gscratch/xyz/abc/fspsdir
(7) git clone
(8) git clone
(9) cd /gscratch/xyz/abc/fspsdir/fsps/src
(10) edit the Makefile so that it looks like below for F90FLAGS. (other F90FLAGS should be commented out)
# GNU (version >= 4.3.0) PG commented above line and uncommented below
F90FLAGS = -O3 -march=native -cpp -fPIC
(11) Now build the fsps code
make clean
(12) cd /gscratch/xyz/abc/fspsdir/python-fsps
(13) python install --user
(14) Issue below commands at the Python command line to verify that the fsps and python-fsps work  fine.
import fsps
test = fsps.StellarPopulation()
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