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  • Hyak installing open source software
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First obtain a interactive build node as described in below link:

Hyak building code

Use below command to see if the software that you want is already installed on hyak.

module avail

If the software uvw is already available then use below command to set up your environment for using the software:

module load uvw

If the software is not available then you will need to install it. You may be used to installing software on your desktop machine as root or administrator. However, it is not necessary to be root or administrator to install software on hyak. Almost all closed source software allows you to choose the installation path during the install process.

Below we describe the steps for installing open source software. In below description xyz is your group name on hyak and abc is your userid on hyak. Below steps are for installing glpk. Modify the steps as appropriate for your software.

srun -p build --time=2:00:00 --mem=10G --pty /bin/bash

(Note: (a) --pty /bin/bash must be the last option in above command.

           (b) If you do not get a build node with above values of --mem, then try smaller values.)

mkdir glpkstuff
cd glpkstuff
gunzip glpk-4.54.tar.gz
tar -xvf glpk-4.54.tar
cd glpk-4.54
./configure --prefix=/gscratch/xyz/abc/myinstalldir/glpk-4.54install
make install

At this stage the software is installed in the directory give by the --prefix option. Look inside the directory for the bin directory and put the complete path to the bin directory in you PATH variable in your .bashrc like below:

export PATH=/gscratch/xyz/abc/myinstalldir/glpk-4.54install/bin:$PATH

Logout and login and issue the command for your newly installed software.

*Note: *

The above description is for the basic steps. If you want more options for installing and compiling the software then use below command to find the possible choices:

./configure -help ( or -h or --help) gives details about options)

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