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The standard UNIX text editors such as vi and emacs are available on hyak.

If you are new to linux, a more friendly text editor is nano and it is also available on Hyak.

Many modern GUI text editors on a desktop or laptop can edit files on remote machines . Below are two example of such text editors. The Hyak team does not endorse or support any of the software listed below. The information is provided only for the convenience of Mac and Windows users.


You can use TextWrangler on your Mac machine to edit files on Hyak.

Select "Open from FTP/SFTP Server" in the File menu item.
The program's FTP browser window will appear.
Enter for the remote computer.
Check the SFTP option.
Enter username and password.
Click the Connect button.
A pop-up window will appear asking for the PRN number.
Enter the PRN number from your e-token.


You can use MobaXterm on your windows machine to edit files on Hyak.

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