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For interactive use of matlab:

qsub -I -V -l walltime=3:00:00

Below command shows you the available matlab versions on hyak:

module avail

Use below command to load matlab

module load matlab_2015b

After the above step, you can continue with your matlab commands at the command line.

For PBS queue use of matlab:

Include below lines in your PBS script. (Do not use -nojvm option of matlab. The -nojvm option prevents usage of parpool for matlab parallel computing.) Here the file name of the matab script is myfunction.m.

module load matlab_2015b
matlab -nosplash -nodisplay -r myfunction

Matlab toolboxes on hyak:

Obtain an interactive node as shown above. Then type below commnds to get a matlab prompt.
module load matlab_2015b
matlab -nosplash -nodisplay
At the matlab prompt enter below command to find the list of toolboxes:


We have a large number of toolboxes. Here are some popular toolboxes:

Image Processing Toolbox

Optimization Toolbox

Parallel Computing Toolbox

Signal Processing Toolbox

Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox

Matlab parallel programming on hyak:

For interactive use:

At the matlab prompt enter below command to start the parallel pool

>> parpool

Now you can use parfor etc.

For scripting:

The file trypar.m contains below code:

parfor i=1:1000000

You can run it in parallel using below command in a PBS script or at the prompt of an hyak interactive node:

{{module load matlab_2015b
matlab -nodisplay -nosplash -r trypar