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Below are instructions to compile bpp using the Intel compiler. Here xyz is your group name and abc is your userid.

srun -p build --time=2:00:00 --mem=100G --pty /bin/bash

mkdir /gscratch/xyz/abc/bpp

cd /gscratch/xyz/abc/bpp


tar -xvf bpp3.3a.tgz

cd bpp3.3a/src

chmod u+r bpp.c

chmod u+w bpp.c

chmod u+r tools.c

chmod u+w tools.c

module load icc_17

icc -o bpp -fast bpp.c tools.c -lm

icc -o MCcoal -DSIMULATION -fast bpp.c tools.c -lm

If you are using the icc avx option (-mavx) and bpp avx option (-DUSE_AVX) then see below link:


More details on bpp are at below link:



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