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Here xyz is your group and abc is your userid.

Directory Locations

Your home directory has quota of 10GB. Larger amounts of data can be stored at below locations. The home directory and below directory locations are not backed up. Note that some groups (e.g. stf) may run a scrubber to delete files older than a certain date (e.g. a scrubber may delete files older than a month).

Issue the below command to create a directory to store your data:

mkdir /gscratch/xyz/abc

If your group has supplemental storage, then you can also issue the below command.

mkdir /suppscr/xyz/abc

If you want to store files for less than 30 days then you can also issue the below command. Files in the below directory which are older than 30 days will be deleted.

mkdir /gscratch/scrubbed/abc

Data Transfer

You can use sftp to transfer data between Hyak and other computers:

Hyak Mac file transfer

Hyak Linux file transfer

Hyak Windows file transfer

More details are here:

Managing your Files

Data Storage on lolo

As noted above, the home directory and any other directories on  mox.hyak are not backed up. 

If you want to keep a a copy of your data then you can tar directories and transfer them to lolo as shown in the below link:

Hyak lolo file transfer

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