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Below your group name is xyz and userid is abc.

Below command will tell you about the maximum memory of the nodes in your group:


You can find the node on which your job is running by issuing below command:

squeue -u abc

Below are some ways to check the memory usage of your program:

(1) For a running program, you can ssh from the login node to the node on which your job is running.  Then run the command top or free -h on that node.  For example if the output of top shows that each of your processes is using 6% of memory and there are 16 such processes then the total memory usage of your processes is 6% x 16 = 96%. Hence in this example, the memory usage is close to the maximum.

(2) For ikt.hyak, you can check the memory usage of your running program by looking at the ganglia output at (

(3) The job scheduler puts the information in completion e-mails.  If your job exceeds the memory on a node where your job is running, you'll be notified in the job output as well.


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