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As announced here, the Ikt cluster will be decommissioned on June 1, 2020.

If you have never used the old Hyak machine then you can ignore the rest of this page.

If you are a technical contact person of your Hyak group then please also see the information for technical contact persons at the end of this page.

Below are the steps that you should take well before the June 2020 date. Here abc is your userid and xyz is your Hyak group.

You can ssh to ikt.hyak by using below command:




Data on ikt.hyak:

    Go through your data on your home directory and on /gscratch/xyz/abc and /suppscr/xyz/abc.

    (If your group did not buy extra disk space then there will be no /suppscr/xyz directory.)

    Anything that you need after June 2020 should be tar-ed and copied to another machine by using scp, sftp etc.

    If you belong to more than one Hyak group then check your data for all the groups.

    Below is an example of tar-ing a directory called mydir:

            tar -cvf mydir.tar mydir

    Below link describes how to transfer files to lolo.

            Hyak lolo file transfer

Applications on ikt.hyak:

     Make a list of the applications that you used on old Hyak. If you still would like to use those applications, ensure that you can compile them and run them on the new Hyak (

     If you belong to a group that does not have nodes on then please send an e-mail to with subject "Mox hyak genpool" and request genpool access.

     Below link has more information on the genpool queue.


     If you run into a problem in compiling your applications on then please send an e-mail to with Subject "Mox hyak compiling"

Information for a technical contact person of an Hyak group:

If you are a technical contact person for your Hyak group then please inform your users about this page.

Note that many users of ikt.hyak have graduated so you may need to find their current e-mail addresses to contact them.

Some of them may no longer be able to ssh to old Hyak since their Duo access may have ended. If you want to restart their Hyak access then tell them to send an e-mail to with subject "hyak duo" and request Duo access for their UW netid.

You may not be able to locate some users. You can send an e-mail to to change ownership of such users' data to another current user in your Hyak group.

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